What if I do not know who my creditors are?
If you do not know who your creditors are, there are a couple of things you can do:
        1.       Run your credit report or have your attorney run it for you (usually a fee)
.       Start holding onto bills, letters, etc. that you receive in the mail
3.       Get creditor info when collectors or creditors call.
What information do I need to know about my creditors?
The bankruptcy petition asks for certain information about your creditors. At a minimum, you need:
        1.       Name of creditor
2.       Address
3.       Amount owed
        4.       Date the debt was incurred
5.       Consideration (what the debt is from; i.e. medical bill, credit card, loan, etc.)
Do I need to know the original creditor and the collection agencies? How do I know who has it when they get sold to a new collection agency all the time?
This is something that you just want to do your best on. You want to list any creditor that you are aware of so list the original creditors information and any collection agency that you are aware was a holder of the debt.
What if I find more creditors after the case is filed? Do I have to pay those creditors back?
No you do not have to pay those creditors. As long as your bankruptcy case is still open, you can add creditors. However, there is a fee for this you want to do the best you can to list all of your creditors before the case is filed.