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Our 3 Step Process

Step 1:
Get Out Of Debt

Step 2:
Clean Up Your Credit

Step 3:
Build Your Score


Can I Keep My Car If I File for Bankruptcy?

We meet people from all walks of life with various financial difficulties.? We understand that sometimes "life happens" and for whatever reason you may be experience hard times. These things happen.  They could happen to any of us.? We know that sometimes circumstances change and payments that use to be affordable can become overwhelming.? However, […]
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What can I do if my house is being foreclosed upon?

When considering whether to file for bankruptcy many people are worried about losing their houses, cars, or other types of property. In some cases we meet people that have already lost property (usually due to repossession or foreclosure) and they want to get it back. If this applies to you, or someone you know, please […]
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How to List Creditors in Bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy can be a very difficult, and emotional decision. We understand that and will try to make the process as painless as possible for you every step of the way. That being said, filing for bankruptcy will take a bit of work. We are going to need a list of […]
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Will my bankruptcy help with the IRS?

There are a number of reasons why different individuals file for bankruptcy every day. One of those reasons is that filing for bankruptcy offers a certain set of protections that are not available in any other way. We’ve discussed the protection of the automatic stay on property and even that your creditors cannot continue to […]
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How Often Can I File for Bankruptcy?

In our practice we meet all types of people. We meet people that have never previously filed for bankruptcy and people that have filed for bankruptcy multiple times. We want you to know, that no matter the circumstance, you are in good hands and we will help you through every step of the way. Our […]
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Can I discharge debts from my divorce settlement?

Often times we meet people at the end of their financial rope. Many people do not meet with a bankruptcy attorney for many months, or even years, after they began thinking about filing for bankruptcy. It seems like a scary and daunting process. What many of our clients don’t really know until they’ve talked to […]
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Can I stop my creditors from harassing me?

People choose to file bankruptcy for a number of different reasons.? We have found, that no matter what the underlying reason may be, a lot of our clients have to deal with some of the same issues.? One of the more annoying and troublesome issues facing many of our clients are collections efforts.? Collections efforts […]
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Do I have to file for Bankruptcy with my spouse?

We meet people each and every day with differing circumstances. In some instances we meet people that are married and would like to file bankruptcy individually, or without their spouse There are any number of reasons people want to file individually. These may include that only one spouse has substantial debt or that one spouse […]
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How does my income impact my bankruptcy?

We meet a lot of people with a host of varying circumstances. We all know that the economy has been terrible for several years. We meet a lot of people that are unemployed or underemployed. We also meet a lot of people that have been laid off and can only find work at a fraction […]
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Can I Keep My Tax Refund When I File for Bankrutpcy?

When we meet our clients for bankruptcy consultations we go through a lot of information. However, we find that many of our clients want to know what kinds of information to bring with them to consultations to make it more efficient. During this time of year especially we get a lot of questions about tax […]
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