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Criminal Restitution Payments and Bankruptcy

When considering filing for bankruptcy, any number of factors may impact that decision. While most are financial considerations, we know there are other factors. We also know there are different types of debt that may cause someone to seek relief from the bankruptcy code. Many people have credit card debt, or are upside down in […]
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Student Loan Lawsuits

We meet people almost every day that have large student loan payments. Unfortunately, as we have discussed in the past, most student loans are not dischargeable. While the payments can be made through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, they will not be discharged. While we try to assist our clients in any way possible, the bankruptcy […]
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Why can’t I discharge my student loans?

We meet people with varying types of debt and financial situations. However, we are seeing more and more people with student loan payments that are simply unbearable. In many situations the student loan payments are so high that other bills are not being paid. In some cases, the people we meet cannot make payments on […]
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Can I file for bankruptcy if I own joint property?

Many people that are considering filing bankruptcy own property or hold debts with another person. This may be a jointly owned home, perhaps with a spouse, or any other type of property. There are many different ways someone else could have an interest in the loan or the property, ranging from co-signing on the loan […]
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What is a proof of claim?

We know that the decision to file for bankruptcy is a complicated and long process for most of our clients. We also know that most of our clients feel a huge sense of relief when they finally do make the decision to file, and even more so when the case is actually filed. For some […]
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How to Save your Home from a Tax Sale

There are some common misconceptions about bankruptcy that we hear from clients and in the news quite frequently. Many people think that for an individual to consider filing for bankruptcy he or she must have a substantial amount of debt and that he or she must have been financially irresponsible to find themselves in such […]
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What options do I have for my student loans?

We meet a lot of different people with a number of different financial situations. Often times, people considering filing for bankruptcy are people that never thought they would be in such a position. Many of our clients have gone to college, maybe even graduate school, and/or have had steady employment. Sometimes life just adds up […]
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Can I Surrender Property Though Bankruptcy?

We have discussed at length the fact that many of our clients are able to keep their property. This other side of this is that many of our clients also choose not to keep their property, or at least certain types of their property. There are any number of reason for electing to not keep […]
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What can I do if I am facing repossession?

We know that everyone faces tough times at one point or another.? Whether you have lost your job, are unemployed, underemployed, or are simply just financially over extended—we get it, things happen.? One missed payment can quickly snowball into a situation you can’t seem to dig yourself out of and you may find yourself facing […]
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Can I file for bankruptcy if I have a co-signer?

We know that there a number of reasons you might be considering bankruptcy. We also know that often times there are just as many reasons that you might be hesitant to file for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy may be a helpful financial tool for some, it might not be in the best interest of everyone. Our […]
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