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Our 3 Step Process

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Get Out Of Debt

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Time to file Bankruptcy is now!

Never before was it easier to file bankruptcy and become debt free. $0 money down for people who qualify. Only during the COVID Emergency Declaration and only as long as appointments are available.. No Court appearance necessary. The Emergency Declaration might be over in a few weeks.
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Will the United States Supreme Court hear a Bankruptcy issue?

We know that the decision to file bankruptcy is not generally an easy decision to make.  We do our best to help every step of the way.  However, there are some instances where people file for bankruptcy, and there is a change of circumstance after the filing.  This most commonly impacts our clients that file […]
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Can Active Duty Military Members File for Bankruptcy?

Credit and bankruptcy issues impact people from all walks of life.  We have clients from varying backgrounds and varying occupations.  Some career fields present interesting challenges for individuals filing for bankruptcy.  However, there is no need to worry.  We handle bankruptcy cases all day and a very familiar with the occupational challenges that may exist […]
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Is my debt dischargeable?

Discharge Q & A: Are my medical bills dischargeable? Yes, medical bills are unsecured debt.  A majority of people that have filed for bankruptcy or are going to file for bankruptcy have medical debt.  Many of our clients have medical bills from being uninsured or underinsured.  Many of our clients are concerned by the fact […]
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What is a preferential payment?

We meet people from all walks of life, with varying financial situations.  We understand that many people consider filing for bankruptcy months before they actually file for bankruptcy.  For some people they are trying to find alternative options because they are worried about the stigma of bankruptcy.  We’ve actually found that the stigma isn’t nearly […]
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How do my taxes impact my bankruptcy?

We know that the decision to file for bankruptcy can be quite complicated and can involve a number of different issues and even a number of different people. We are here to help in any way we can. We have found, during our years of practice, that often times bankruptcy and tax issues often go […]
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Can I still use my credit cards if I am filing a bankruptcy?

We meet a lot of people with a variety of different financial situations. We want you to know that we understand and will do everything in our power to help you, no matter what your situation or how you got in your situation. We also know that money gets tight and a lot of people […]
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Nevada Court Ruling gives HOA’s preference over mortgages

While we handle bankruptcies in the Eastern District of Missouri and Southern District of Illinois, we also monitor national news and trends in bankruptcy.  We do this for a few reasons.  First, rulings in other states may have an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the courts here in the Metro St. Louis Area.  Second, […]
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When can I file for bankruptcy again?

We often meet people that have filed for bankruptcy and are considering filing for bankruptcy again.  Many of the people we meet are concerned about filing again, both concerning what legal implications filing for bankruptcy multiple times may carry and with the ability to file a bankruptcy again.  The rules can be a little complicated, […]
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