If you find any open accounts on your credit reports that have a zero balance, you need not include them in your bankruptcy filing. However, make sure that you close these unused accounts to prevent any future finance fees and to clean up your credit. Consider it your first step toward establishing a better credit rating.
If you don’t find the address of your creditor and the creditor is not listed on your bankruptcy petition, he will not receive notice of your bankruptcy filing. As discussed above, if your case is a no-asset case, the debt will be discharged even if the creditor is not listed. Remember this is only the case in the Eastern District of Missouri, check with your local bankruptcy attorney how the local rules are in your district. However, if your creditor did not receive notice, he will continue to collect from you. When this happens, you would need to inform him about the bankruptcy filing. This is often time consuming as the creditor might ignore it or just won’t believe you. Your attorney might have to explain the situation then to the creditor. If you are living in the St. Louis Metro please call our Bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis Missouri for a free consultation.