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What is a tort?

What is a tort?

A tort is a violation of a person’s rights by another person that does not involve a law or contract being broken. The breach of a tort means that the victim may seek civil remedy with not involvement of criminal law. Tort laws have been set up to provide relief after being injured. Damages for […]

What are compensatory damages?

Compensatory damages are money awards to the plaintiff to pay for actual damages that occurred as a result of their injury. It is meant to restore the plaintiff to their state of being before they were injured. Compensatory damages pay for Current and future loss of wages and profits Current and future medical bills Pain […]

What are punitive damages?

Punitive damages are money awards that go beyond compensatory damages and are meant to punish the action of the defendant that caused the injury.Punitive damages discourage repeat behavior. They also serve to help the plaintiff pay for attorney’s fees, which are typically 30-40% of the settlement in a personal injury case, and to allow the […]

What information should be obtained at the scene of the accident?

Pictures of the accident if possible Pictures of any injuries that occurred Pictures of any damage caused to the vehicles Pictures of the actual scene of the accident Names and contacts of all drivers involved License plate information and make and model of all vehicles involved Insurance information for all drivers involved Names and contact […]