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I paid in money to the trustee in my Chapter 7 because of unexempt assets. What happens to my money?

Creditors You Dont Need to List

If you find any open accounts on your credit reports that have a zero balance, you need not include them in your bankruptcy filing. However, make sure that you close these unused accounts to prevent any future finance fees and to clean up your credit. Consider it your first step toward establishing a better credit […]

What happens if I dont know the correct amount which I owe to a creditor?

Answered by Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis Missouri Tobias Licker: In a chapter 13, it is important to know the correct amounts of your secured debt you will pay in your chapter 13 plan, and also of the unsecured creditors if you repay them in full (although this doesn’t happen very often). If you are not […]

Do I need to list both: Original creditor and Collection agency?

Yes, you should both. It is better to list more possible creditors than too few. Often, it is not known to the debtor if the collection agency owns the debt or is only collecting for the original creditor who might be in the process of hiring another collection agency. It is always good practice to […]

When to Access Your Credit Reports?

Your bankruptcy attorney St. Louis MO Tobias Licker offers a free consultation for more information about any question that cannot be answered through the general answers on this website. Preparing your petition starts with providing a list of your creditors to our office, and other information about your income, expenses, and property you own. We recommend […]

Why You Must List Creditors Who Haven’t Contacted You?

Technically, any creditor that is not included in your bankruptcy filing can still approach you later to collect the debt. Alternatively, the credit company can sell your debt to a more aggressive collection firm that will contact you for payment. However, if you include the account on your Schedule of Unsecured Creditors, you cannot be […]

What to Do If You Miss a Creditor?

While technically a creditor must appear in your original filing list, you can add an account later. Adding a creditor and notifying the creditor of the bankruptcy filing is time consuming. Most bankruptcy attorneys in St. Louis and around the country charge an additional fee for additing creditors after filing. The court cost for adding […]

Paying Back Loans Before Filing

If you pay your brother that $650 you owe him a week before filing, you may experience a legal problem. According to bankruptcy regulations, any debt repayment you make within the year prior to filing for bankruptcy can be reversed by your bankruptcy trustee so that the trustee can distribute the money equally to all […]