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Our 3 Step Process

Step 1:
Get Out Of Debt

Step 2:
Clean Up Your Credit

Step 3:
Build Your Score

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The Licker Law Firm is great and very understanding to help you in anyway they can.  I have Morgan as my lawyer very helpful to my needs and has always been their for me.  Thank You Bonnie


I would like to thank the team at Licker Law Firm for their support during this very difficult time in my life.  I especially want to give a big thank you to Morgan Teaque for all of her hard work and for putting up with my nerves when they got the best of me.  Not only did she maintain a very professional attitude but she was able to put me at ease with her words of wisdom and expertise on the subject matter.

I would recommend anyone that feels like they are at the end of their financial rope to call the law firm and ask for Morgan.  I appreciate everything you have done for me and I wish you continued success in your career.  Thank you so much for treating me with such dignity and respect, it is appreciated more than you know.


Once again, thank you for your help. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I learned a lot from that credit course I took online and believe me when I say I will be using a budget from now on. 



“I wanted to thank you and all of the staff of Licker Law Firm who helped with my case. You have been so understanding and helpful through the whole process and I wanted you to know how much that has meant to me. I am grateful for the fresh start that this discharge has given me, and especially to you and your staff for your professionalism, consideration, and kindness.


“I think you are awesome at what you do!!!” If anybody needs your services “I will definitely send them your way!!!”


I met with my Bankruptcy Attorney at their St. Louis location on Hampton Avenue. The attorney was very nice, and answered all my questions. I was especially concerened about my credit after I file bankruptcy. But after listening to the attorney I felt much better and decided that bankruptcy is the right option for me. After I filed, I received all the information what to do next and their paralegal even reminded me when to go to my meeting. Everything went well with no issues. So, yes, I do recommend them, they are a great team.


Kathryn R.

Competent and there was never the rush to get me out or cut me off. The first meeting took very long because of all my questions. And they would not charge me if I would not have signed up. One important thing was that they explained to me what will happen to my credit and how I can increase my credit score after filing bankruptcy. The really surprising thing was that my credit actually got better after filing and I got qualified for a better car loan while I still was in bankruptcy. Well, it was not that surprising because I stopped paying on my credit card bills a while ago.

Catherine J.

I had a foreclosure scheduled and tried to do a loan modification. Only a few days before the foreclosure I was told the modification would not go through. Then I called the Lickerlawfirm who helped me out. They stopped the foreclosure with a chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Thanks again.

Sonja Sertum

You have NO IDEA how much we appreciate this!!! NO IDEA!!!! Thank you SO very much!!! You are awesome!…. This takes a lot of stress off!!!!!! 🙂

I thank you for your patience. You’ve been simply great in every way.

G. Robinson