Our attorney settled a bed bug case for $20,000. A landlord refused to mitigate bed bugs in his apartment building. The bedbugs were present in different rental units and infested the apartment of our client without her own fault. In those cases, it is practically impossible to get rid of bed bugs as new critters would show up after thorough cleaning and changing of all linens and even replacing the mattress. The only real solution in those cases is a costly treatment of the whole apartment building including all units at the same time and hoping this would eradicate the situation. In most of those cases, the landlord would shy away from investing money to remedy the situation and instead suggest to the tenant to clean her apartment on her own expenses. Only after getting our law firm involved and suing the landlord for breach of contract, the landlord was willing to pay for damages. Our client was able to move into another apartment. The settlement paid for moving expenses and a complete new set of furniture. Now, she is able to sleep again, without pesky little critters roaming her bedroom and keeping her up at night.

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