My Case Was Dismissed, Now What? Chapter 7 Part 2

Your bankruptcy case was dismissed and now you want to know what options you have. It first depends on what chapter of bankruptcy you filed and then on why the case was dismissed.

Chapter 7

It is not so common that a Chapter 7 is dismissed. The only obligations that a Debtor has after the filing of a Chapter 7 is to attend the Trustee’s 341 Meeting of creditors, complete the Financial Management Course, also known as the 2ndcertificate or FMC, and providing any requested information to the trustee. Given there are so few obligations, most Chapter 7’s see completion without dismissal or other issues.

However, cases can dismissed for failing to comply with the obligations mentioned above. If the Debtor or Debtors do not appear at the Trustee’s 341 Meeting of creditors the trustee will continue it to another date for Debtor or Debtors to appear. However, if Debtor or Debtors do not appear at the continued Trustee’s 341 Meeting of creditors, the trustee can move for dismissal of the case.

Failure to comply with trustee’s requests is an unfortunate way to have your case dismissed without discharge. If the trustee requests any information from you directly or through your attorney and you fail to comply with the request, the case will likely be dismissed. If your case is dismissed you do not receive a discharge even if documents of discharge were previously received. Discharge can be revoked for failure to comply. Here is a common example: You attend your Trustee’s 341 Meeting of creditors and the trustee asks that you forward him a copy of your upcoming year’s taxes once they are filed. You say okay, and go on about life. You receive notice of your discharge, wiping all of your dischargeable debts away. Now you do not have to send anything to the trustee right? Wrong, and unfortunately an all too common wrong.

One uncommon but certainly possible way to have your Chapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed is for ineligibility to receive a Chapter  7 discharge. In order for you to be eligible for receive a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must not have previously received a Chapter 7 through a case that was filed within 8 years of the filing of the new bankruptcy case.