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St Charles Car Accident Attorney | MO Car Insurance Coverage

St Charles Car Accident Attorney | MO Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance is purchased to protect cars, trucks and other vehicles against damage caused by another vehicle. It also protects from bodily injury that occurs. A certain level of coverage is required by law. This level varies from state to state. Missouri requires 25/50/10 liability insurance. The bodily injury requirement minimum is $25,000 per person […]

St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer | St. Charles Car Crash Attorney

Personal injury law falls under the umbrella of tort laws and covers injuries to the body or mind. It often involves a form of negligence. Negligence is the concept that someone owed someone else a duty of care but breached that duty. For example, someone is driving and a person is on the sidewalk waiting […]

St. Charles Car Crash Lawyer | MO Insurance Compensation for Whiplash

Perhaps you felt fine a few days ago after you were rear-ended on highway 94, but today you woke up with a stiff neck and a headache and you don’t think you can get to work. You may be suffering from whiplash, one of the most common injuries sustained in car accidents. The term “whiplash” […]