My Foreclosure is Tomorrow. Is it too late?

Yes and no. If a foreclosure is scheduled on your home you want to act immediately, rather than wait until the day before the sale to seek an attorney. However, luckily there is something referred to as an “emergency petition”. This is a skeleton of the entire petition that stops the foreclosure. The court then gives us a limited amount of time to complete the entire petition.

In order for an emergency petition to be filed on your behalf there are still several documents required in addition to the attorney fees and court costs:

  • Credit counseling certificate (completed BEFORE the case can be filed)
  • Most recently filed state and federal taxes
  • 6 months of paystubs
  • Foreclosure notice

Within a few days after the case is filed the questionnaire listed all of your income, expenses, creditors, personal property, etc. would have to be turned in so that the completion of the petition can be filed prior to the courts deadline.

An emergency petition is not ideal and therefore you should seek counsel immediately upon a foreclosure being scheduled or even prior to if you know that s bankruptcy may be necessary. We do offer a free consultation so you can always contact our office to meet with an attorney to determine whether bankruptcy is a good option for you.