Filing Bankruptcy on Behalf of a Third Party

Believe it or not, this happens pretty often. Someone comes in wanting to file bankruptcy on behalf of someone else who unable to come in for any reason. Usually this is the result of someone being deployed or incarcerated. If you have power of attorney, you can file bankruptcy on behalf of that person.

A fresh start may be a good option prior to the Debtor coming home from deployment or even more some with someone who is currently incarcerated so that they are able to be released with a true fresh start, no debt, etc.

Copy of the power of attorney would be required as well as information on the Debtor income, expenses, finances, personal property, etc. The requirements of the petition itself do not change simply because power of attorney is filing rather than the Debtor themselves. However, depending on the specific case, waivers may be obtained for the credit counseling, financial management course and for the meeting of creditors.