Can my creditors get mad that I filed bankruptcy and make me pay them back?

In short, no. However, your creditors can file an objection to discharge if they feel there is fraud involved. This can occur if you are discharging credit cards that were used close to filing.  You should not incur any debt once you know that you are filing bankruptcy.  If you do, or if you use the cars too close to filing there is a chance that they will file with the court and require that a payment plan be made to pay back the debt.

Creditors can also objection to discharge to come to your meeting of creditors if they think you are hiding assets from the bankruptcy court. If you are in fact in possession of assets that were not listed in the bankruptcy documents you can not only lose your discharge but be contact by the FBI for criminal investigations.  Given the severity of the consequences it is crucial that you are up front and honest throughout the entire process.