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Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy – General

Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy –General When filing bankruptcy, there are a large number of official forms that are required to be completed. While there are several chapters of bankruptcy, all types of bankruptcy require the same bankruptcy forms regardless of the chapter. In other words, even if you are filing a simple Chapter 7 […]
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Evictions in Bankruptcy

Evictions in Bankruptcy Debtors filing bankruptcy have some protection from eviction while in bankruptcy. However, this protection depends on how far in the eviction process they are when the bankruptcy is filed. Whether an eviction judgment has been obtained makes all the difference in whether a bankruptcy filing will hold off the proceedings. If you […]
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Liens in Bankruptcy and How to Eliminate Liens

Liens in Bankruptcy and How to Eliminate Liens During a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain liens may be able to be eliminated. If a lien is eliminated or “avoided”, then you get to keep the property that once was secured by the lien. You would keep the property free and clear of any debt meaning that […]
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341 Meeting of Creditors

Do I have to appear in front of a Judge for my bankruptcy? No. The Judge does oversee the bankruptcy process; however you are not required to appear in front of him. Depending on your specific case, your attorney may need to appear in front of the Judge for certain motions or objections that may […]
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Garnishment and Bankruptcy

I retained an attorney to file a bankruptcy but my garnishment has not stopped          Often time clients come in and retain our services and hope that the garnishment stops then. Unfortunately that is not the case. Garnishments stop when the automatic stay of the bankruptcy is in effect which happens upon the bankruptcy being filed. […]
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Tax Refunds, Bonuses and Insurance Proceeds

Tax Refunds, Bonuses and Insurance Proceeds Spring is the time of the year where we receive a lot of contact from clients wanting to keep a tax refund that they are expecting to receive as they are filing tax returns. Throughout the year we also receive requests from clients to keep bonuses received, insurance proceeds […]
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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce Bankruptcy and Divorce can both be very difficult and stressful times for the parties involved. Depending on the debt involved and the circumstances, it may be better to file a bankruptcy prior to divorce. However, sometimes it is best that the divorce happen prior to the bankruptcy. The order of these events […]
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Unfair practices by mortgage companies

Unfair practices by mortgage companies Homeowners trying to modify their home loans in an effort to save their homes from foreclosure are often being met with unfair practices by companies. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is not standing for these misleading practices. In fact, he filed three separate lawsuits against individuals and their companies for […]
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