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Considering Bankruptcy

Considering filing bankruptcy? Things to know… If you are considering filing bankruptcy there is some general information that you should consider and make yourself aware of: What is a bankruptcy What types of bankruptcy are there Eligibility for bankruptcy Debts that are not discharged in bankruptcy What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy can do several things for […]
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Liens in and their effect on Bankruptcy

Liens in Bankruptcy While an underlying debt may be discharged, a lien survives the bankruptcy unless additional steps of taken to avoid the lien. In some cases, a lien cannot be avoided and therefore the lien remains about the bankruptcy is discharged. A common example of a lien that cannot be avoided through the bankruptcy […]
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Why do you need 6 months of income history?

Why do you need 6 months of income history? Shouldn’t only my current income matter? Clients often question the reason we need a full 6 month income history that includes all sources of income including rent, household contributions, unemployment, etc. The simple answer is we need if so that we can complete the petition paperwork. […]
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Student Loans and Other Debts That are Not Discharged

Student Loans and Other Debts That are Not Discharged Many people forget that they have an obligation to repay student loans. This may be because college seems so long ago or because the money was not spent on tangible things. However, regardless the reason, student loans are in fact an obligation that you have. Student […]
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Bankruptcy Defined

Bankruptcy Defined Bankruptcy is a legal process through which people and businesses can obtain fresh starts when they are in such financial difficulty that they cannot repay their debts. When a person files bankruptcy and receives a discharge, the court eliminates all or a portion of that person’s or business’s existing debts under Chapter 7 […]
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I Filed A Chapter 13, now what?

I Filed A Chapter 13, now what? It is not uncommon that a client will come in with an upcoming foreclosure or repossession.  Depending on the timing of the foreclosure, an emergency petition may be required. An emergency petition is basically a partial petition filed to stop a repossession or foreclosure. The court then gives […]
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I am in a Chapter 7 and I am getting an inheritance

I am in a Chapter 7 and I am getting an inheritance The simple answer is, it depends. First it matters where the money is coming from and when you become entitled to the money. For example, if the money is from an inheritance and the person died before you filed the Chapter 7 or […]
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Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy – General

Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy –General When filing bankruptcy, there are a large number of official forms that are required to be completed. While there are several chapters of bankruptcy, all types of bankruptcy require the same bankruptcy forms regardless of the chapter. In other words, even if you are filing a simple Chapter 7 […]
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Should I File Bankruptcy?

Should I File Bankruptcy? Although bankruptcy is available to most people, the majority of people burn through all of their savings and retirements, possibly lose cars and or houses before they turn to bankruptcy. However, had they considered bankruptcy when times first got tough, they may have been able to preserve some of those items. […]
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Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy – Chapter 13

Forms Required for Filing Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 There are a number of documents that you will have to complete and file in a Chapter 13. A Chapter 13 case is started by filing a completed Voluntary Petition form. This is the official court form that asks basic information including: Name, address and social security […]
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