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Changes in Circumstances While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Archive for June, 2012

Changes in Circumstances While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can last anywhere fromm 36 to 60 months.  Three to five years is a considerable amount of time and a lot of things can change.  There are a number of issues that may affect your bankruptcy.  Some of the most common changes that need to be addressed are: 1. Change in […]

Completing a Bankruptcy Petition

When filing for bankruptcy a petition must be filed.  If the debtor has an attorney the attorney generally fills out the petition based on information provided by the client.  The attorney will then meet with the client to have the individual(s) review and sign the petition.  While the attorney does fill this out, the debtor(s) […]

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Many people go to extreme measure to avoid filing for bankruptcy.  There are a number of alternatives that people may consider that can actually be worse in the long run than filing for bankruptcy.  Below are a few examples. 1. Debt Consolidation Options.  There are a number of companies that will offer to consolidate your […]