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Missouri Bankruptcy Exemptions

Archive for January, 2012

Missouri Bankruptcy Exemptions

In all bankruptcy proceedings certain assets are exempt from being taken, meaning that you are entitled to keep them. These assets are protected by exemptions and are defined by the state.  Federal exemptions are not available in Missouri.  These state exemptions are automatic and do not require any other qualification.  For many of the exemptions listed below the […]

The Basics of the Bankruptcy Process

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a very important and personal decision.  If you are considering filing for bankruptcy there are a number of things to consider and a number of common pitfalls to avoid.  Even after making the decision to file for bankruptcy you probably still have many questions about how the process […]

Discharge of Debt

A debtor can obtain a discharge of debt by filing for bankruptcy.  A discharge debt releases the individual’s personal liability for many types of unsecured debts.  A discharge prevents creditors from making any collections efforts upon the debtor including phone calls, letters, and threats. Many types of unsecured debt can be discharged, including credit card debt, pay […]