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Wage Garnishment in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Archive for December, 2011

Wage Garnishment in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A wage garnishment is one of the most devastating forms of collecting a debt. General creditors, such as credit cards and medical bills, can often take up to 25% of the debtor’s net pay. Debts owed to taxing authorities, such as the IRS, more may be taken. With many people living paycheck to paycheck, a […]

A Brief Guide About the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Tests

Many Missouri residents wonder what the Chapter 7 bankruptcy test are and how they are used to determine eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. It turns out that the means tests used to determine Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility are a series of number-based tests that use information about a debtor’s income and expenses to determine […]

The Difference Between a Bankruptcy Discharge and a Reaffirmation Agreement

Those who are considering bankruptcy oftentimes have questions regarding the various terminologies – as it can be confusing. When going through the bankruptcy process, it is important to understand the difference between a bankruptcy discharge and a reaffirmation agreement.   How Does a Bankruptcy Discharge Work?  Many people view bankruptcy because it discharges, or releases them […]

How Debt Settlement Works

If you are seeking to avoid bankruptcy and truly are attempting to pay off all of your debt, then a debt settlement program could be an option for you. Debt settlement companies typically can negotiate a settlement for you with your creditors and oftentimes this helps to reduce your debts to approximately half of their […]

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Everyone has heard the term “bankruptcy,” and many believe that it is a simple matter of going before a judge and ridding themselves of all of their debt.  This is not the case, and both traditional and newer laws may impact one’s decision to file. Definition of Bankruptcy At its core, bankruptcy is a legal […]