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A Lesson in Tenacity From Walt Disney and Steve Jobs

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A Lesson in Tenacity From Walt Disney and Steve Jobs

While many associate the word “bankruptcy” with “epic failure”, history shows us that through the adversity of life one must use knowledge and tenacity to turn “epic failure” into, just, “epic”. In 1923, Walt Disney‘s creditors forced bankruptcy upon him and assumed his assets to settle his debts. Likewise, after many ups and downs, including […]

How to Ward Off “Zombie” Debt?

When debt comes back from the past to attack living debtors, many debtors are unclear on their rights and the statute of limitations in regards to “zombie” debt, or debt typically purchased by debt buyers in which the window of collections has expired. In general, “zombie” debt refers to debt over 10 years old that […]

Why Filing for Bankruptcy is a Better Choice than Credit Counseling

Credit counseling most often involves consolidating outstanding debts as much as possible and then developing a negotiated repayment plan for a reduced payment over time to all of your creditors. Credit counseling is often a first step taken by those who have significant debt due to varying unforeseen circumstances. Each creditor has a different idea […]

Right to convert from chapter 13 to chapter 7

In a recent case decided by the 9th circuit (In re Defrantz), the court ruled that the debtor has an absolute right to convert his chapter 13 case to a chapter 7 case. The creditor argued that the court should have considered the creditor’s motion to dismiss before converting the case and that the right […]